Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Batang Yagit: Why vote for him?

First of all, here are the mechanics/rules for this: CLICK ME!!!

Why vote in the Philippine Blog Awards? Not only will your opinion be heard, your blog will also get advertised. *EVIL GRIN*. And apparently, a raffle ticket. weeee. Why vote for Batang Yagit? Because if you don't, I'll wring your neck so hard that the life in you will scream as it dies a slow and painful death... I meeeaaan... Because he's a great guy. Yeah... that's what I meant.

No really, He IS a great guy. There's, like, no reason not to like him. He is kind, smart, helpful, patient, and from what I heard around the school, he's good looking enough to bat a few eyelashes. Look at my URL, (up there, in the address bar... look... up there...), isn't it nice of him to host my blog on his uhm... domain, is it? I really don't know. I'm as smart as a door nail when it comes to these things (net things). Which brings me to another reason why you should vote for Batang Yagit. He will help you in these stuff (stuffs?). When the question you ask is within the confines of his knowledge, he will help you. Of course, this depends on his time (he's busy right now with his review for the board exam and currently does not have a permanent internet connection), but he will help you if he can. He won't say, "Nah, I don't know you and your a LOSER and your ugly and your... and your... uhmm... ugly!". No he won't say that. He will really help you. Also, like I said, he's studying for his board exam. Voting for him, and hopefully he wins, will boost his self confidence even more and that will help in the exams. If you don't vote for him, he might become depress and fail the exam (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!). Would you like that on your conscience? He failed 'cause you didn't vote for him... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, I also know for a fact that he's been doing this blog thing for 2 years now and the net thing for... hmmm... forever? He's a good candidate for this award and he's a great choice for a vote and the best to win of them all. Vote for him now or else... kidding! No really... vote for him now or else... *cracks knuckles*

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