Wednesday, July 25, 2007


You would normally expect the line, "This is my first blog...blah blah blah..." to be present (usually the actual first 5 words) in someones first blog atricle. This act, of course, is expected from a normal person. If that's the case, then I guess those of you who know me might not expect this. This would mean that I am not normal or, to be more precise, a "deviator", which I can say that I am. But if they expected not to see that line and in fact didn't see the line, then that would mean that I did not "deviate" from my norms, which would then mean I am not a "deviator". What I'm trying to say is, if I want to "deviate", must I write lines which are not expected of me even if it would mean that I would do what a normal person would do? To be abnormal, must an abnormal person (i.e. ME) act normal?

I wouldn't really mind what I wrote up there if were you. Ramblings of a raving lunatic is what I'd call it. The reason is plain and simple; I don't have the slightest idea how to start a blog, particularly MY blog (Note: This line is also frequently used by first time bloggers. Damn! I'm turning normal. Or am I?). I started this blog on a whim, that is to say on an impulse, barely having any idea what to write. As far as I'm concerned, this could be the only article in this blog, though I don't think that a blog with only one article can be called a blog inspite of it's having a * url ending. (Still rambling here... I'd skip a few paragraphs, [OMG!, There are more of these stupid paragraphs?!] if I were you.) I think I'll just leave the fate of this blog to time and luck... and inspiration... and to divine intervention.

Anyway (expect to see more [and I mean more] of this word in future articles), I have a few questions. First, notice that I said that a normal person would say those 5 words and that an abnormal person would not say those 5 words in his/her (Gender Sensitive!!!) first blog article? (Of course you did. Who wouldn't?) Let me ask you; Would you consider me to be a "deviator" as I did not start my article that way? Or am I still normal since, regardless of my actual first words, the 5 words are still in my first article? But since I was aware of the circumsatances that would make me normal, and have decided to "deviate", even though I still used the 5 words, am I not eligible for the title "deviator"? Nonetheless, if you take into account that I didn't have any idea how and what to write in my first blog article or have even a crude plan on how to maintain it, would I not fall into the category of extraordinarily impulsive or sadly coerced noobs (this people, by the way, is what I mean when I say normal [see next article for explanation])?

Hmmm... It makes ME think. But I am a raving lunatic after all, who cares what I think or don't think... or what makes me think...? Anyhoo (<-- my personal variation of "anyway" and like it's predecesor and root meaning, this word would be appearing a lot in my articles.), my last question is, after all that crap, can you now say that you know me? Or at least have insights to who I am and what my blog would be about? Isn't that what the first article is all about? Introduction? Well, at least that was what I intended my first article to be about. Did it work? Yes? No? It did? Really? Are you sure? Wow! Great then! At least one of us gets me.

Ok, I lied. Even if you skipped the last couple paragraphs, you'd still end up in this one, which is as crappy and as inane as the first ones. At least you didn't have to suffer and maybe even saved a couple thousands of braincells from dying by skipping a few paragraphs. Good news though, this would be the last one for this article. Anyway( I already warned you about that word, didn't I?), thanks for reading and hopefully I'll do better with my next one. which I hope you'd still read inspite of the brain damage this article caused you.

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