Friday, October 12, 2007

Ambigrams of Names

Hey! I made that. I have lots of those too. Different names. I started making ambigrams after I read Dan Brown's "Angels And Demons". The ambigrams in that book are amazing. So well anyway, I started to make some of my own. I tried my name at first but it was really hard. I just can't seem to manipulate the letter K. I tried the names of my classmates then that was the start of it.

I'm going to post different ones each day (until I run out, that is). I've made only names of people I know. They are not really good because, as far as I can remember, I am no artist. These were made during the dull moments in class. By the number of names I have turned to ambigrams, I can say I had too many dull moments in class. They're no work of art but most of my friends seem to like it so maybe you would too. They're not really good. Some of them are "forced", meaning I tried to make them but couldn't so I just forced it to look like the name. So for those who are less imaginative, the ambigram won't work.

Anyway, if you like it and if, by sheer luck, one of the names I made just happen to be your name, then use it if you want. Ask the raw format from me, (that is PSD or DWG or AI format), if you want to edit it or use it to your liking. Share the talent (or in my case, doodles), that's what I say. I would just like to ask you to credit me. If anyone ask where you got that crappy ambigram from, mention me0 Even if you manipulated it a bit, just credit me for the original idea. "Donating" is not a bad idea either. If you would like me to turn your name into one, ask me. One condition though, I only do full first names. I don't do nicknames, user names, avatar names, or what other names. I think the reason why I made a lot of these is because I limit my...ahem..."talent" to just making full first names. If you are Jose Antonio, I could try making Jose or Antonio or Jose Antonio. It depends mostly on my mood, skill, and amount of creative juices I have during that time. Just request. You've got nothing to lose. I won't promise you anything though. I can't even do my own name, so it's not a sure thing that I can do yours. I can give it to you in DWG format, PSD format, or AI format, or any common image format (e.g .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, etc...).

If you have any suggestions to make the name better, tell me. I love constructive criticism (and to those who don't know what that means, and I mean flamers, just effing shut up). So, that's about it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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JoeKewL15 said...

Hey! my name is Kerry!!! Ok, here's the deal (I'm not giving you an option, when I say)... you are my new friend!!! lol

I want to say that i also love ambigrams. I'm just starting, and yes they are hard to do.

...especially with my name!

If you have any pointers for me I'd love to hear 'em! thx

w/b to ""