Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ask a stupid question...

I tried really hard not to notice it. I really did. I tried to face away. I tried to run. It was useless though, my efforts I mean. FUTILE! I kept pretending. I must not appear weak. NEVER! I should never show any signs that emotions have a great control over me. If I could, I'd turn my heart to stone. OH! But the pain... If it were up to me, I'd be all gray and my voice would be monotonous. I must never be exposed. NEVER! If there should be any signs shown, it would be my downfall, my destruction. But still. It was still too much for me. My voice wavered. My mind was slowing shutting down. My heart was in control now. NO MORE! If It willed it, I would have spilled all my emotions in a gush of words. Then I would be destroyed. My weakness was exposed. Every word receive was like an insult. Painful. Every pause in sentences seemed like a thousand years. I felt eyes all around me. Watching me. Criticizing me. Every movement a mistake. Every breath a taboo. There were people in my head. A million, I think. And more was coming. NO! Enough. But still, they came. Everyone talking, everyone yelling. SHUT UP! They talk louder. I wanted to cry. I can't. My mind, realizing the danger, tried to re-establish control. Too late. They were in control. Every thought was scrutinized. No more thought passes from my mind. It gave up. They would not have allowed it anyway. It must only be emotions. Feelings. Too much. NO MORE! My muscles started to contract involuntarily. I shivered. It felt like the sun refused to shine. It did. Well, for me anyway. It left me in the cold and in the dark. STOP! Why was this happening to me? I'd been damned. Shallow breaths. I felt my pulse race. Fast. I'd be the envy of every racer, at the speed my heart was pounding. It had complete control of me now. My heart that is. Surely I've felt this before. I think I have. But... But not quite. It sure felt the same, but... PLEASE STOP! No, it was not the same feeling as before. What was it then? What emotion was I feeling? Or rather, what emotions. Yeah, I think there were more than one. Two, three? I dunno. SHUT UP! Will you please be quiet? No. The voices kept at it. At least say something useful... I know! I must have been dying. Yeah. That was it. Death. What? No. It wasn't death. Silence. At last, there was peace and quiet. I relaxed. Still cold. No one was looking at me. Not like they can. It was still dark. My mind was back on. Everything was back to normal, except for the cold and the dark...and... Where is everybody? HELLO! No one. There was just me. Alone... No. not quite. There was someone. I couldn't see, I felt. I tried to call out. HEY! No one answered. But someone is out there. I knew it. I felt it. HEY! I know you're out there. Come out. I stopped. I realized I was not making any sounds. I opened my mouth. I tried to speak. Nothing. Then out of nowhere, someone was in front of me. I can't quite see, but surely, someone was there. Looking at me. Waiting. A moment passes yet it seemed like I lived all my life already and then some. Finally, I speak... Hi. I saw the sun peeking out in the horizon.

Well, if you asked me what it was like to fall in love, that's how I'd answer it. HEHEHE! Yeah, just think of how horrified the girls back in grade school were when they got their autographs book back. I'd have answers like that or anything to that effect when asked, "Love is ...." or "Life is ..." or anything like that. Thanks for reading my first short article. Keep up the patience.

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