Saturday, January 12, 2008

A nice experience.

I am making this article for the people working for NBI Davao. I would like to thank them for their great service. They were very nice and accommodating.

It started when I got to the NBI office, the one outside Victoria Plaza (No parking space stealer this time). The person there gave me the form to fill up for the clearance and told me what to fill up. I was done partially for there was a question I was not sure what to answer, so I went back to the person who gave me the form and asked. He helped me and was the one who wrote the answer for me. Then he told me to get my fingerprints taken and go to the office inside VP, to pay and have my picture taken. When I got there, the cashier was on stand by. I was apprehensive to approach at first, but I did, nonetheless. The lady told me to wait for a while, so I sat at the bench near the window. I waited for about 3 or 5 minutes, then the lady opened for me and personally pointed at me to get to the counter first, well maybe because I was the only one there. After I paid, she then told another NBI guy to tell the other payers to come forward. This time though, I had to wait about 15 to 20 minutes to get my picture taken because it was their break time. Quite understandable. So after my wait, I got my picture taken, and was told that I should come back around 5 to get the clearance. So I left, tried my luck at SSS but that was not to be. I came back, browsed around VP for a while then around 4:50, went back to NBI. I had to wait for a really long time this time. I got my clearance around 5:30, so that was still quite a wait. But the thing that was OK with it was that in spite of the fact that it was after government office hours (and we know what our government's time is like), they still went on.

Anyway, that was my nice experience. To think that I started my application around 2:30 and still got my clearance on the same day. People told me before that if I wanted my NBI clearance, I would have to be there very early in the morning. Yet, with this experience, I can say that with a little luck and the nice people from NBI Davao, you can have an almost hassle free clearance claiming experience. I will like to commend the people from NBI for their service.

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