Sunday, January 6, 2008


There seems to be a virus going around. What's most notable about it is that it attacks only the "rich and privileged". It would have been great if it causes them have rashes and to have mucus seep out of every orifice in their body, but unfortunately it just attacks their...uhm..."intelligence" and manners.

I was going to post about two very recent events but I think that making an official-more-than-a-paragraph article about that thing-that-regrettably-looks-like-a-female-human would only immortalize her. So, I will only write about one, which happened only yesterday.

My mother and I went to Victoria Plaza yesterday around 11:45 AM to buy something from the grocery store. We were in the parking area (the area near the exit, the exit near the grocery store) in the first lane (the lane nearest the exit). We were moving slowly to see if we have luck enough to get a space here and that we were. While we stopped at a certain area, a white sedan type car was backing up to leave. We were just behind it waiting for it to fully back up, with our signal already on when we saw its rear reverse lights come on. Just then a gold/brown Toyota Hi-Lux pickup turned around the corner coming from the Bajada entrance side and swerved into the vacant space. No signal, no horns, no nothing. IT just parked there like we were not waiting for the space. My mom moved forward a bit just to look at the thing that drives that pickup, but IT did not come out while we waited. If IT parked so fast without regard to other drivers, we guessed it must be in a great hurry or that there was an emergency of some sort. We guessed wrong. We still had enough luck that we found a parking space just a few cars after the space that thing coveted. When we got out of the car, IT was already gone. After our shopping, the pickup was still there so I took pictures of it.

That is the plate number, LFP 337. If anyone who knows the thing that drove it, please tell IT to sit on a cactus. Tell IT to learn to drive and get some manners.


Jehzeel Laurente said...

lakas ng trip ng driver nun ah... hehehe

gerrycho said...

baka naje-jebs na :D

Ordered Chaos said...

ang saya... may nagbabasa pala ng blog ko... hehehe thanks!

gusto ko sanang sundan kung saan man papunta yung ..uhm... thing sa loob ng victo tapos di tigilan sa pag-abala, like makisingit sa linya or lalakad sa harap nya tapos biglang hihinto. But then again, WOO na man sya, di ko na sya gagawing waste ng time ko.